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Maxwell Roach, founder of JonAyves Learning Club, has been featured on podcasts.


Click the links below to access his discussions on education!

Maxwell is a children’s book author and the Founder of JonAyves Learning Club, a personalized learning organization that teaches children concepts such as long division as early as the age of 3. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHRi). As a former musician, sharing stages with Beyoncé and the Rolling Stones, leading a child care organization as CEO, and working as a consultant for e-commerce tech companies globally, Maxwell values the need to "fill the industry gaps" by way of disruption and modern solutions.


JonAyves Workshop:

Your Child's Success! FREE JonAyves Learning Club Workshop Recording

Love It, Learn It, and Live It (Barbara Bray):

Episode 148#: The “3 L’s”: Love It, Learn It, and Live It with Maxwell Roach

Evolving With Gratitude (Lainie Rowell):

Episode 66 - Small Bites of Learning with Guest Maxwell Roach

My EdTech Life (Fonz Mendoza):

Episode 206: From Music Stages to Classroom Pages: A Journey into EdTech Innovation

If I Were The Prime Minister Of Education (Simon Lewis):

Interview 17: Maxwell Roach - Lessons from Canada

Counter Narrative Podcast (Charles Williams):

Episode 155: Interview w/ Maxwell Roach

Teach Different (Dan and Steve Fouts):

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are." Teach Different with Kurt Cobain

Teaching Champions (Brian Martin):

Performing With Music Icons, Being Consistent, and Strengthening Connections with Maxwell Roach

Home Education Matters (Eleanor Marker):

Who needs knowledge anyway?? With Maxwell Roach

The Wonder of Parenting Podcast (Michael Gurian, Tim Wright):

The Post-Pandemic Learning Gap with Special Guest Maxwell Roach

Toddcast Teacher Podcast (Todd Broadbent):

Episode 36 – Bridging the Learning Gap for Children - Max Roach (JonAyves Learning Club)

Everything ECE Podcast (Carla Ward):

#94: Learning and Connections with Maxwell Roach

The TeachThought Podcast (Drew Perkins):

Ep. 324 The Role Of Tutoring In Bridging Learning Gaps - TeachThought PD

Teach Me, Teacher Podcast (Jacob Chastain):

#299 Tutoring and a Future of Education Discussion with Maxwell Roach

Educator Forever Podcast (Lily Jones):

Building a Tutoring Business with Maxwell Roach of JonAyves Learning Club

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