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Class Policies and Guidelines

Please review our class policies and guidelines. Policies and guidelines will be updated on a rolling basis. Please check back for information as needed.


If you require more information, please reach out to us at

Monthly Fees

Fees are due on the 1st of every month. The fees paid cover the duration explained within the email from our Enrollment team.


NOTE: Missed classes do not roll over to the next month. If classes are cancelled with 24 hours notice from the student (as per the guidelines below), then a make-up class may be scheduled with your Personalized Instructor.

If classes are cancelled outside of the 24 hour window, a make-up class will not be scheduled.

Late Arrivals

Students are expected to arrive at their scheduled time. If a student is late, their class will still end at its scheduled time. No extra time will be given.

NOTE: If the Personalized Instructor is with another student at the time of arrival, the student will still receive their full length lesson.

Missed Classes

Missed or cancelled classes require 24 hours notice from the student. Students who miss or cancel classes without the required notice will be billed the full duration of the class. No make-up class will be given.

Make-Up Classes

At times, there may need to be make-up classes scheduled for various reasons. Please speak with your Personalized Instructor to schedule make-up classes.

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