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JAM Virtual 15

Helping your student body learn ANY math concept in 15-minute blocks.


JAM Virtual 15

JonAyves Learning Club provides 15-minute virtual sessions to students in an effort to improve on core concepts in mathematics from K - 12.

The goal of this program is to tackle and focus on PRECISELY what students need in order to succeed in math.

The "3 L's"

JAM Virtual 15 is a specialty program that stems from our "3 L's" philosophy for learning:

Love It

Relate to the content.

Learn It

Acquire knowledge based on the learning style.

Live It

Apply the knowledge.


Food For Thought

It's not always a possibility to hire additional math teachers in the classroom. In instances where teachers are brought onboard, it can be difficult to truly bond with students 1-on-1 for a number of reasons.

Hardcover Books

Personalized Learning Instructors

Building relationships with a wide variety of student personalities is one of our core strengths.


With our Personalized Learning Instructors having broad knowledge across many domains (ie., early childhood education, trending markets, music, sports, etc.), our team is able to fit in and truly implement the "3 L's" into any math learning opportunity.

Go to school

1-on-1 Model

Students receive and learn information differently from one another. This is why social media is so prominent - it is curated. At JALC, we believe that learning in an institution should (and now, could!) be curated in the same manner.

Working With Us

Our Personalized Learning Instructors work closely with teachers to identify the topics that need to be addressed during the week. This is not necessarily "Homework Help."

The goal is to connect with students in order to build a bond with our team and culture, in order to get to the root of the math concept issues.

Students know that the time allotted to them is 100% theirs for learning concepts in their own style.

Utilizing Personalized Learning Instruction throughout the school day in 15-minute blocks is helpful for everyone involved. It allows our instructors to connect with students at a time when their minds are alert. In turn, students remain focused on the task at hand within the window of allotted time.

Ready To start JAM Virtual 15?

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