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JonAyves Learning Club | Tutoring Service for Kids Reading, Math, Education, Childcare, Daycare

1-on-1 Personalized Learning 

Join the JonAyves Kids around the world in developing reading, math, and English, Grades K-12.

Your child can learn to read in just

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FREE 5-Day Reading Program for Kids

(in-person and virtual)

Whether your child is having trouble in math, is ahead of the pack, or somewhere in the middle, we have a learning curriculum for them. Children as young as 1 year old can benefit from the JonAyves Method.

Why not give your child the best chance at success? It's never too early (or too late!) to learn math concepts!

(in-person and virtual)

Research shows that reading provides a number of benefits, from stress reduction, to knowledge enhancement. Imagine your child picking up a book instead of one of their devices!

Is your child behind their class in reading? The JonAyves Method has proven results in raising the reading level in a short span of time with as little as one (1) 20 minute lesson per week!

(in-person and virtual)

Love to draw? Love to colour? Love to write?

The JonAyves Method uses technique exercises and fun activities to build a love for writing. Science has shown that each child learns in a different way.

Our methods encourage kids to explore what works for them in our guided learning environment!
Little girl
The JonAyves Method

Why JonAyves?

At J.A. Learning Club, your child gets the chance to learn key life skills, such as reading and mathematics - tools that are less emphasized in traditional early years programs.


The JonAyves Method unlocks the potential of your child. We focus on the building blocks of language and numbers in a structured, interactive, and fun environment.


Yes...we use technology! We even audio record lessons to keep track of your child's growth. Why? Because there are endless possibilities! Modern tools are one of the greatest aids in tutoring!

4 Years Old - Long Division

4 Years Old - Long Division


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