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tutor kids and be a role model!

...and bring kids education to diverse communities.

(Did we mention that this is a Work-From-Home Opportunity?)

Become a Personalized Learning Instructor On Our JonAyves Team Today!


Make a Difference Through Learning

At JonAyves Learning Club, you have the chance to make learning exciting for kids from diverse backgrounds. Work from your own space in Ontario, choosing part-time or full-time, to help students achieve their best.


Inspire and Support as a Mentor and Role Model

Your role goes beyond sharing knowledge; you're a mentor...a Role Model. Encourage students from various communities to explore, learn, and grow in confidence with your guidance.


Collaborate With Like-Minded Individuals

Be part of a community at JonAyves Learning Club, where you'll meet other university and college students passionate about promoting diversity and education for kids. Together, we aim to provide equal learning opportunities.


Flexible Work Options

Picture yourself making a real impact on students' lives right from your home or wherever you choose. JonAyves Learning Club offers you the flexibility to work on your own schedule, making education accessible to everyone.


Craft Your Job Hunt on Your Terms

Forget about the usual job hunt. With JonAyves Learning Club, you can start a fulfilling career that fits your schedule. Whether part-time or full-time, you're joining a movement dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of diverse communities.

Why Do You Want To Become An Instructor With JonAyves Learning Club?

Tell us why you'd like to join us at JonAyves Learning a video!

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