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Your Child Can Earn To Learn!

Yes, you heard right!

Your child can get PAID for achieving their goals!

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1 does Earn-To-Learn really work?

Isn't it a fantastic motivator to get paid for doing a great job? We believe that excellent work deserves a reward. Giving children the skills to Plan and Track (PAT) their goals, while aiming to achieve them, provides an incredible way to boost confidence and stay on target for success - not to mention a payday for their achievement!


Our Research-Driven Method

Research shows that through rapport, motivation, and learning support, children learn best. Our research-driven method, The JonAyves Method, gives you the confidence that your children will WANT to do the work that is required towards self-betterment.


Educator-Backed Books

Our books and methodologies have been carefully vetted by professionals in the industry, from experienced teachers, to accredited child and youth workers, to bring a proven model that actually WORKS.


Personalized 1-on-1 Sessions

Every session is 1-on-1 with one of our JonAyves Instructors. Children will be working EXCLUSIVELY with our instructors to ensure that your child's learning style is prioritized.


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We believe that the proven JonAyves Method is an incredible way to learn. It is the ONLY program to promise that your child will Earn-To-Learn!

To learn more, book your consultation call with us!

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